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33 reasons why '8' is 'gr8' for your business

Today is a quick refresher of some of the things you should be thinking about when trying to maximize business value.

Whilst strategically 3 is a magic number - here are 33 reasons why you should think abut the importance of '8's' in your business.

  • Vision is the first core ingredient of business success. If you don't know where point 'B' is - or what it looks like - it's very hard to move from 'A' to 'B' - we call this Vision process 'Illumin8'

  • Having agreed your Vision you need to produce a practical Plan to get from 'A' to 'B' (the second core business ingredient) -  we call this 'Extrapol8'   

  • The third core ingredient is the Desire to make the necessary changes  - to drive the Plan and achieve your Vision. You need a continuing process to drive implementation and not slip back into 'business as usual' mode - we call this 'Stimul8'

  • While you are thinking about 'desire' - make sure that your people don't forget to also work on the big, long term stuff - 'We 8 the business elephant'

  • Sometimes in business you need the necessary changes to happen quickly - in which case, let's 'Acceler8'

  • You must define your business purpose (and values) if you want your team to be bought in - 'Reson8'

  • Similarly, at your business core there must be a consistent culture - 'Indoctrin8'

  • Remember - there are only 4 ways to grow your business - to grow you must apply the principles of 'Germin8'

  • Build your value promise and sustain your business competitive advantage - 'Differenti8'

  • Remove the inefficiency and waste from your business - 'Eradic8'

  • While you are still thinking about efficiency and reducing waste - you should also remove the things that consistently frustrate you - Don't 'Toler8'

  • Capture the knowledge that is important in your business (particularly if you are thinking of selling your business) - 'Replic8'

  • Define how high you 'jump' (for different customers) and don't do 'too much for the money'! - 'Separ8'

  • Service businesses need to create an internally driven business culture and brand - 'Integr8'

  • Ensure that you have delighted customers by building a consistent customer service framework - 'Customer Celebr8'

  • Having got delighted clients - let's make the most of them and generate referrals -'Prolifer8'

  • Periodically you need to challenge and rejuvenate your existing business model. Iif you stand still in the 21st Century you will quickly be overtaken - 'Innov8' and 'Recre8'

  • If you want your people to be 'pointed in the right direction' then you must have relevant business key performance indicators - 'Coll8'

  • Make sure your team are always working together 'in harmony' - 'Syncop8'

  • Brainstorm some great new ideas and involve your whole team in the process - 'Cogit8'

  • Put your team 'under the microscope' to highlight where people working practices need improvement - 'Evalu8'

  • Make sure that your team are collectively growing in the Knowledge Age - 'Educ8'

  • When you are in the midst of a change program - make sure you recognize and celebrate incremental improvements -'Team Celebr8'

  • Maximize your team motivation - it's not all about money, so remember E=MC2 - 'Remuner8'

  • Decide on your management style (the world is changing rapidly) - 'Dict8' or 'Collabor8'

  • Remember the '4 weapons' of great leadership - Context - Values - Trust - Momentum - 'Team Activ8' 

  • Consider buying a new business (in addition to your existing business) to grow customers or optimize your business delivery - 'Aggreg8'

  • Prepare your business for (family or management) succession. Whatever you do, don't leave succession planning to the last minute - 'Regener8 ownership'

  • Prepare your business for due diligence (in advance of a sale). Make sure that problems (which will impact the value of your business) are rectified before it's too late - 'Substanti8'

  • Prepare your business for sale (at least 3 years before you consider actually selling) - 'Gener8 capital value'

So - if you need help to get from 'A' to 'B' and want to maximise the value of your business - call us Don't Stagn8 !

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