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Does your brand promise look like a "Coca Cola shaped bottle"?

Most businesses that do not manufacture a repeatable product (e.g. most service businesses) have a big problem when it comes to their ability to align their - "Business Purpose" - "Branding Message" - and their "Product Delivery".

If you manufacture a product (let's use Coca Cola by way of example) branding is straightforward. You don't need me to put the brand image of a Coca Cola shaped bottle into your head. See you can visualize it immediately!

However, if you own a service business it is more difficult to visualize your brand (promise).

And - as if branding wasn't hard enough - it is harder still to ensure alignment between your brand promise and how you deliver your product (service). Somehow you need your team to understand that the service they deliver is your equivalent of the "Coca Cola shaped bottle". How do you make it repeatable and consistent? How does it keep coming off your "production line" looking like a "Coca Cola shaped bottle?

Basically you need to align:



You need to be clear:


1. What is your main purpose as a business? What will truly resonate with your people and drive them to perform - what are your values and business culture?

You need to make it feel like a job worth doing e.g. NASA would have said in the 1960's - "We are working together towards our purpose of putting a man on the moon". 

A clear purpose and values will sustain the efforts of your people when the "going gets tough". Clear values give everybody a consistent  "moral compass", whilst a clear purpose means that your big business decisions can be made in their proper context ('is this helping us achieve our purpose of "putting a man on the moon"… or not'?).


2. Why do your customers choose you? What Is your value or brand promise? 

Do your customers really value the mechanics of the "drill' you are trying to sell them - or do they actually not care about the "drill" itself and really just want a "hole in the wall'? Does your brand promise capture that subtle but essential difference?


3. Have we got consistent processes in place to make sure that we always do what we (our brand) promised we would do for our customers? 

Do you want to leave that consistent service (your equivalent of the "Coca Cola shaped bottle") to "chance" or do you have a consistent client service framework that drives (by process) the type of service behavior that your customers want - and your brand promised them to expect? 

Finally - does your consistent customer service framework include consistent and measured processes to ensure that you have lived up to your brand promise? 

- Have you actually delivered a "Coca Cola Shaped Bottle" (not too big - not too small - but just right)?

-  Are your customers delighted - and how do you know for sure?

So - if you want to deliver a consistent  "Coca Cola shaped bottle" think about:




Because in strategic terms - 3 is a magic number!

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