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in-Cube-8 Guarantees your business success

The first step in achieving your BIG business outcome is to work together on your Vision - in a 1 day workshop we call Illumin8.

If at the end of your first Illumin8 day, you feel that the in-Cube-8 Roadmap isn't for you, simply tell us and we'll give you your initial investment back.

Your Vision is just the start of your journey - the next steps we work with you on are Extrapol8 - where we develop your strategic Plan and Stimul8 - where we continue to focus on maintaing your Desire to succeed.

The in-Cube-8 Roadmap is completely flexible - so that you can vary the pace we work at. And, if at any stage you decide to speed up, slow down or even "park" the process - you can, immediately and without any financial penalty.

The whole in-Cube-8 Roadmap is likely to cost less than you might spend on a Personal Assistant - but with a much greater value to your business.

Still not convinced that we mean it? - if you commit to the in-Cube-8 Roadmap – and follow it properly – we can guarantee you a return to your business many times your investment. If you wish to take up this challenge, we will work together with you to tailor a guaranteed return on investment into your in-Cube-8 agreement. Then, if we don't deliver, we'll adjust our fees accordingly.

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