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Create a Vision for your business

At in-Cube-8 we follow a proven, structured process that we use to help business owners, managers and teams establish a bold Vision and practical Plan. Then, we continue to work with your management team to sustain Desire - creating accountability to make it happen.

To create your Vision, you will follow about 30 simple steps that will challenge the way your think about your business, your customers and your competitors.

Through a series of fast paced workshops, you will work with one of our experienced Challenge Agents who will walk you and your team through a rich, visual process that will engage your mind and challenge your thinking.

Although the tools we use are simple to understand and apply, they are based on extremely powerful and visual metaphors that drive breakthrough thinking for your business.

  • Establish a clear VISION of where your business should be in 3-5 years time
  • Define a practical strategic PLAN that highlights the critical things you need to focus on to achieve your vision
  • Sustain your team's DESIRE to succeed through frequent reviews of progress against your Plan and clarity of your Vision

Publish your in-Cube-8 Roadmap - a book for your leadership team that embodies your Vision and Plan, and sustains their Desire, in a simple, clear, visual format

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