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Challenge & Action Agents

At in-Cube-8, we believe that there are 2 skills required to help our customers achieve extraordinary results - Challenge and Action.

Our people focus their efforts specifically on these things when they work with you.

Challenge Agents

All of our Challenge Agents have 15 years or more experience and have set up, operated and sold successful business. They all have the necessary practical experience in business that enables them to give you real world advice. We don't use enthusiastic amateurs or green graduates - just successful, experienced business people who also happen to be extremely competent advisors and visionary thinkers.

As their name implies, these people will challenge and stretch you in addition to providing a useful sounding board and mentor with whom you can discuss your concerns and explore your thinking. They will facilitate interactions with your management team and help you to inspire them to achieve your bold vision.

Action Agents

Our Action Agents are detail people. The help you to plan and track the things that are important to the success of your business. All of our Action Agents have managed complex projects or operated governance processes in challenging business environments.

Your Action Agent will keep you updated on progress and will organise your management team, enabling them to focus on getting things done. And because they are independent, they will hold your team accountable and push them to deliver more than an internal resource ever could.

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